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Flexible Packaging Inks

Know-how and service just in time

As the demand for colourful, flexible packaging continues to grow, so do the demands of the customers. We help our printers do this by supplying them not only with our continuously improved products, but also with a comprehensive service package that is right up with the state-of-the-art in printing techniques. And we offer you this technical know-how wherever and whenever you need it.

Widest range of packaging inks…

As a manufacturer of high quality printing inks, Micro Inks Private Limited is playing a leading role in creating solutions that meet the demands of discerning packaging printers. Special inks for food packaging, out-door exposure and low odour inks. Continuous research and development ensures that our products are always state-of-the-art. We offer a wide range of 'ink systems' to meet diverse printing conditions - water based, solvent based and inks based on different resin systems.


Screen Inks

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Can Coatings, Lacquers and Inks

Micro Inks Private Limited formulates and markets a wide product line of coatings and inks for metal printing application. Supported by continuous technological developments, it can meet emerging market demands with a total system of coatings and inks for virtually every can- and end-maker requirement. Its portfolio comprises of

• General Line Cans - like Paint / Pesticides / Talcum powder / Aerosol & other products.
• Food Cans - Processed food like vegetable,pure ghee, cheese, fruit pulp etc
• Closures like ROPP caps, twist off caps, crown caps
• Aluminium Collapsible Tubes
• Tin Printing Inks of various colours and white.

Micro Inks Private Limited also has a range of FDA approved food lacquers. This range can be used for internal and external surfaces of most of the food cans. The cans are processable.

Along with coatings Micro Inks Private Limited has a full range of Metal Decorating Inks (Offset inks for Tin Printing), for Aluminium collapsible tubes printing and UV inks for Tin Sheet printing. With the innovative flush technology for pigments, it is possible to make high loaded pigmented inks, with all the characters like gloss, sheen, and light fastness.

Micro Inks Private Limited also offers Any Time Matching (shade matching facility through database on customers shop floor).The advantage of this facility is that it reduces the inventory at customer end and mixes the inks in the required quantity, just prior to the planned job.


UV Coating & Inks

Micro Inks Private Limited U.V. curable product range comprises of U.V. curable coatings and inks.

U.V. curable inks are available for various applications like Offset, Screen, Dry offset and Letterpress printing processes. Different grades are formulated to achieve good adhesion on various substrates like plastics, aluminum foil and paper. Offset inks range covers the process colours, pantone basic colours, opaque white and metallics. Offset U.V.white inks offer excellent opacity to achieve paper like background especially for metallized polyesters and offer very good inter- coat adhesion for over printed inks and coatings.

For printing on carton boards hybrid U.V.inks are made available for wet on wet application of U.V.coatings with minimum gloss back. For screen printing application the range covers inks with extremely good light fastness for out door publicity materials like posters and hoardings.

U.V.coatings offer smooth finish with excellent gloss and are available for inline or offline and for offset duct through applications. Screen printable U.V.coatings are available for spot varnishing to offer both smooth and structure finish and are suitable for paper as well as matt BOPP/POLYESTER film laminated substrates.


Press Chemicals

It's all in the Chemistry. . .

As one of the world's leading ink manufacturer and a supplier to the graphic arts industry, we offer press room and prepress chemicals throughout the world. We offer a comprehensive range of products which are machine friendly, envioronmentally friendly and give a balanced performance leading to complete solutions for quality printing.


Raw Materials

Micro Inks Private Limited manufactures a world class range of high quality raw materials for the ink industry.

We are only among a handful of companies worldwide to offer the Alkali Blue pigments which are manufactured at our 'state-of- the-art' plant at Vapi, in Gujarat, India.

Alkali Blue, a unique pigment with a highly complex chemistry, is manufactured meeting the stringent quality standards and specific requirements of our valued customers.

We also manufacture an Adhesion Promoter Titanium chelate complex- API-002. This product does not contain any acetylacetone. The importance of this chelate is it is more resistant than titanium acetylacetone chelate to Phenolic antioxidants and is therefore much less likely to produce more colour in system where these antioxidants are present.

Micro Inks Private Limited also offers versatile resins like Ketone Resins which are cost effective and soluble in a wide range of solvents.We also offer Polyvinyl Butyrals which offer excellent adhesion and film forming properties and are recommended for Flexo / Gravure inks and speciality coatings.

Also on offer are our Polyamide Resins.


Wire Enamels

Micro Inks Private Limited manufactures Wire Enamels for insulation of Copper and Aluminum conductors. These enamels cover a broad range based on Modified Polyester, Polyurethane and Polyesterimide from class B (130 degree) to class H (180 degree) and Polyamide Imide (Top Coat) whichare suitable for fine and thick wires, including strips.

• Modified Polyester Based Wire Enamels


• Polyurethane Based Wire Enamels


• Polyesterimide Based Wire Enamels


• Polyamide Imide Based Wire Enamel


Fountain Solutions


Huber fount solution additives stand out thanks to their high degree of compatibility with different printing inks and configurations, and they are renowned for the fact that a stable ink/water balance can be formulated very quickly with them. And it goes without saying that they harmonise particularly well with those inks that originate from our own R&D labs.

This is because the aspirations are identical and so too the equally high standard of technology and production that has evolved over the past decades. This is precisely the “hums” on which consistently high quality flourishes.



Fogra approved dampening additive for all sheetfed presses with alcohol dampening system.



Fogra approved dampening additive for use on sheetfed off-set printing presses with alcohol dampening unites to print alcohol free.



Fogra approved dampening additive suitable for all sheetfed presses with conventional and alcolour dampening system.



Fogra approved dampening solutions for U.V. curing ink systems and sheetfed offset for printing on non absorbent substrates.



Fogra approved fount solution additives for use on web off-set coldset printing presses with non contact dampening systems.



Fogra approved fount concentrate for Isopropenol-free printing in web offset heatset.



Fogra approved fount solution additive for heatset web offset for reducing the alcohol concentration.



AFogra approved hardening agent for demineralized water.



Fogra approved fount solution additives for small format sheetfed off-set suitable for aluminium as well as polyester and paper plates



Cleaning concentrate for dampening system.